★ Secure the Border and Build a Wall

 Crackdown on Illegal Immigration

 Hold the VA Accountable and Get Our Vets Quality Healthcare

 Protect the Second Amendment

 Defend the Right to Life

 Cut Taxes and Regulations

 Fight Back Against the “Hate America” Voices of the Extreme Left

Rob is a steadfast supporter of the 2nd Amendment and Americans’ right to bear arms. Rob has worked tirelessly to defend 2nd Amendment rights in New York and will do the same in Washington.

As State Senator, Rob sponsored several bills to repeal the unconstitutional NY SAFE Act. I’ve been at the forefront fighting against micro-stamping, requirements for gun owners to purchase expensive insurance and safes, and measures to confiscate firearms and ammunition.

Rob stood up to defend privacy when New York City regressives tried to put further and further restrictions on our rights – like requiring private citizens to turn over their social media accounts to the government before they’re allowed access to their constitutional right to possess a gun.

Rob is a proud NRA member and he’s been previously endorsed by and received the highest ratings from the NRA and the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association. He knows that additional restrictions on law-abiding citizens will not deter criminals or criminal acts.

Rob will work to secure our border. America cannot be the only nation that refuses to respect its own border, its own sovereignty, its laws, and its own people – simply because of radical politicians.

In Albany, regressives fought to give free tuition, free health care, and free drivers’ licenses to illegal aliens, while on the other, they sought to implement more expensive healthcare, college, and taxes for U.S. citizens. Democrats won’t stop until this spreads across our entire country.

The Open Borders policies of the Democrats will destroy us. Rob knows this all too well because he’s seen it first hand on the front lines. He’s the only candidate in this race who has helped to secure the border. Rob deployed to our southern border as part of Operation Jumpstart, which supported border security and construction of a border fence. He saw illegal aliens and drug smugglers crossing through the Arizona Desert.

Rob knows what our border patrol is up against. We need to build the wall, increase funding for border security of all kinds, and close all the loopholes that are allowing people to cut the line and waltz in here consequence-free.

Democrats are wrong when they call to abolish ICE or open our borders to complete, unfettered lawlessness. Rob has the credibility and experience to fight back. We have a border crisis, and we’ll continue to have a border crisis until we recognize that immigration needs to be done legally and our border must be secured.


As a Bronze Star combat veteran, Rob has seen firsthand the lifelong sacrifices given by our heroic men and women in uniform and he will steadfastly support the enlisted and
retired members of our Armed Forces.

After the terror attacks on September 11, 2001, Rob enlisted in the U.S. Army and would serve as a First Lieutenant in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom. During his service, Ortt would be awarded the Bronze Star, the Army Commendation Medal, the
Afghanistan Campaign Medal, and the Combat Infantryman’s Badge.


As a State Senator, Rob was instrumental in introducing and expanding the Joseph P. Dwyer Program across Western New York. The program provides peer-to-peer support for veterans facing the challenges of post-traumatic stress, traumatic brain injuries, and reintegration into civilian life.

Rob also led the charge to provide free tuition to gold star families after Assembly Democrats rejected the funding.

Rob will fight to get our Veterans the healthcare they deserve. Democrats care more and talk more about free healthcare for illegal immigrants than they do about the health care,
addiction, homelessness and suicide rates of our Veterans who served. Tragically, 22 veterans take their own life every day. Rob will never stop working to ensure that their care comes first, not last. Rob uses the VA for his own healthcare and knows it needs to be better.


If we can’t take care of our warriors who have defended America, then all of the other promises we make don’t matter, because we couldn’t keep our most sacred one.


Farming is the backbone of Western New York. It’s our leading industry. It’s deeply tied to the social fabric of our families and our communities. It contributes to the stunning landscapes that make up our quality of life and it attracts tourists to our region. Rob will ensure that Western New York and American agriculture prospers in a 21st century global market.

As the Ranking Member on the State Senate Committee on Agriculture, Rob has visited countless family farms and met with owners and workers. He knows the state, national, and international challenges that farmers are up against.

The farm closure rate in New York is currently three times the national average. Unfortunately, radical, regressive Democrat policies will increase this farm closure number exponentially. We saw this in New York. Rob stood with farmers when radical, regressive Democrats sold out our farmers to New York City special interests under the guise of a laughably-titled “Farm Laborers Fair Labor Practices Act.”


Rob doesn’t want to wait for socialist environmental and labor restrictions to destroy our small family farms. We can’t afford to import all our food from abroad, nor can we afford to have the government take over when the small businesses and family farms inevitably fail under their policies.

Rob will stand up to the anti-American and anti-farmer agenda pushed by the far left. He will work to reform trade and immigration policies that are hurting farmers. And Rob will support tax cuts and tax credits so that farmers can reinvest in their operations and pass their farms onto the next generation.


The Trump tax cuts have overwhelmingly benefited working families, seniors, and businesses across Western New York. The tax cuts have helped jumpstart our nation’s economy. As Congressman, Rob will steadfastly support these tax cuts against liberals attempting to roll them back and increase spending.

Democrats have a solution for everything – and it always involves more of your money. This needs to stop! The unprecedented economic growth we’re seeing right now is due to Republican policies and conservative economic principles. The Democrats refuse to admit what they’re seeing: fewer regulations and less government intervention equals more money in the pockets of the middle class. That might scare them, but it doesn’t scare Rob. He will fight to keep taxes low.

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